How to Survive in a Subjective Job

What do musicians, training and development specialists, graphic designers, and marketing professionals all have in common? They all work in subjective industries! These people, as well as many others, work in fields where a final product is loved by some and hated by others. If you work in one of these fields, here are some[…]

Your Office: The 9-5 Karaoke Bar

Everyone who travels for work has their little rituals to fight the boredom of bland hotel rooms and lonely per-diem dinners.  Some people go to movies, others hit up the local brewery, but me… I go straight to the karaoke bar.  Talk about incredible people watching!  After watching hundreds of off key performances of “Black[…]

There Are No Shortcuts to Great Service

A couple months ago I pulled into the drive-thru of my local McDonald’s and was greeted by what might be the most pleasant voice ever encountered in fast food history. Crackling through the speaker system, an enthusiastic young woman exclaimed, “Good afternoon and welcome to McDonald’s! Would you like to try the new Shamrock Shake?”[…]