Meet the World's Okayest Employee


These are all the things I know. Literally. ALL. THE. THINGS.

Leadership Shmedership

It’s time we stop striving for leadership roles and start rockin’ the crap out of those roles which we were made to play. These customized talks strip away the over-glorification of leadership and champion our innate abilities, no matter where we sit in the hierarchy.

skills second, character first

Does your office have some of the most talented jerks on the planet? If so, this training is for you. These customized experiences highlight the importance of character development as a business necessity. So goodbye to jerky Bob and hello to pleasant Robert!

the business of Dading

Some people need gurus or thought leaders, but I learn my business lessons from a two-year old that eats crayons. From managing office temper-tantrums to changing the diapers of your unhappily chaffed customers, this talk hilariously highlights the countless parallels between parenthood and business management.

The World’s Okayest Employee

Very few people strive for okayness in their professional lives, but once I took the plunge, it opened the door to real personal freedom. Let me take you on the journey that led to mediocrity and share the lessons I learned along the way. You’ll be okayer for it.

Customized Presentation

If you have specific needs, I am happy to work up a custom presentation for you. I’ve spoken on everything from Autism Awareness and Vocational Rehab to Customer Service and The Parable of the Prodigal Son. Tell me what you need, and I’m on it.

Who is Clayton Lee?

Perfectly average. Perfectly fine with it.

If the pursuit of perfection were a marathon, Clayton would still be putting on his running shoes. Having spent years chasing after the world's definition of success, Clayton gave up the pursuit to focus on becoming the World's Okayest Employee. Knowing that personal success is individually defined, Clayton helps people tap into their own definitions of achievement with a unique blend of humor and brutally honest reality checks. He's one of the few MBA's that views profit maximization as a secondary function of business and advocates for a well-rounded approach that values stakeholders as much as shareholders. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, he speaks to groups across the country encouraging them instead to find the rung that was made for them to sit on. You know, not everyone is meant to climb. Sitting is more fun anyway. Less sweaty.

  • Easy to work with
  • affordable
  • Delivers what he promises
  • Handsome like his pictures

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Thought Leadership

Not really, but it sounds good.

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